On Itch.io!

On Itch.io!

TNGD is up on itch.io! Its not playable yet, since its in development still.

The game currently features :

-Random Map generation (Kinda like subway surfers)
-Pick-up System
-Scoring System

And driving , shooting etc, but those were the biggest features. Im planning on doin:

-Enemy Helicopters (So the SMG not gonna be useless)
- Forest & Noth Pole maps!

Maps are gonna be the easiest to make, but they're gonna be the last to be made. First I really wanna work on the Enemy AI, which will change positions, come in hordes, etc. Maybe Im gonna remodel the hovercar, but I dont think its really that bad compared to my other models. You can download a game in less than a month hopefuly. (If I have no trouble modeling a helicopter / plane >.<)

Music should be another thing. I dont really know any suiting royality-free music, hell, I dont know any royalit(ed?) music that will go with the map and the setting.

                                                                                                       - Imre Barta , Royal Newt Games

Support : royalnewtgames@gmail.com

Twitter : @RoyalNewtGames

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